Current Graduate Students

Nancy Ronquillo

Shekhar Subhanshu

Alumni (Grad Students)

Jennifer (Price) Barber (, Thesis (Jennifer is now with RT Logic, Maryland)

Somsak Kittipiyakul (, Thesis (Somsak is on the faculty of Thammasat University, Thailand, Website)

Ehsan Ardestanizadeh (, (Ehsan is with Google in Mountain View)

Abhijeet Bhorkar (, Thesis, Slides (Abhijeet is with AT&T)

Mohammad Naghshvar (, Thesis, Slides (Mohammad is with Aamazon in San Diego)

Eric Vanbuhler (, (Eric is with Always AI)

SungEn Chiu (SungEn is with Samsung Electronics, San Diego)

Yongxi Lu (Yongxi is with Apple Inc, Cuptertino)

Chang-Heng Wang (Chang-Heng is with Toyota Research, California)

Anusha Lalitha (Anusha is a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University)