My research area involves stochastic analysis, design, and control of information collection, processing, and transfer in modern communication and networking systems. This covers broad theoretical questions as well as practical implementation of various solutions. In my research group, we often prove theorems but we also build and test our theoretical findings when possible (graduate applicants, please refer to this link!). In particular, the work can be broadly broken into the following areas: 

1. Information Acquisition-Utilization and Controlled Sensing, 
2. Stochastic Control and Optimization of Networks, and 
3. Communicating with Application-specific Constraints.


Our work on "Traffic Queue Length Behavior in Switches with Reconfiguration Delay" has been accepted for publication/presentation at Infocomm 2017. Congratulations, Chang-Heng!

Our work on "Active Learning from Imperfect Labelers" has been accepted for publication at NIPS, 2016. Congratulations, Songbai!

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Tara Javidi, Ph.D., Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Phone:  (858) 822-4924
Fax: (858) 534-2486

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